FiPa Software

We develop, promote and use free software.

Our mission is to offer solutions which are perfectly tailored to your needs, placing special attention on holding fast to standards of quality that facilitate the growth of your business.

    Every single problem is an opportunity for us to create a new solution. Tell us about your project and we will find a neat solution, affordable and full of creativity.


    We develop according to your needs, paying special attention to upholding standards which promote growth and integration with other systems.


    Inspired by the philosophy of Free Software and thoroughly convinced of the importance of its mutually beneficial nature, we work in accord with the four essential liberties of software: USE, STUDY, DISTRIBUTE, and IMPROVE.


    We offer personalized attention, prioritizing keeping things up and running. We learn and adapt to your way of doing things and make suggestions to improve your workflow.


Custom Software Development

Based on the needs of your business, we design and develop software specially tailored in such a way as to allow you to automate your business’s processes.


Utilizing the latest technology, we design and develop Web pages that can adapt to the needs of your business. Our design templates are modern, attractive, and responsive.

DevOps as a Service

We’re equipped with a team of professionals to help solve problems and advise you on topics such as GNU/Linux, automation, computer security, and databases.

Responsive Websites

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More potential clients

Your Website will be accessible from any cell phone or tablet so that your product can reach the most potential clients.


Your site will appear modern and attractive.


Unlike standard templates, yours will have the versatility to nicely fit the screen for mobile devices such as cell phones and tablets. Get three for the price of one. With just one site, in addition to the standard version you also receive the version for both cell phones and tablets. Get three for the price of one.

Be Your Own Editor

You will be able to create new content and edit your site without depending on anyone else.


Your site will have a contact form, a localization map, and both a pricing table and customer review page.

Made Available Under Free Software Licences

We give you full access to the source code and your site’s data so that you can reutilize or adapt it to your necessities.
Pay in monthly installments
with your credit card, debit card or paypal





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